Birthday Party Animal

To celebrate Ollie's 3rd birthday, I made him a three-layer vanilla cake that was smothered in a heavenly buttercream frosting. And for those that wanted something a little different, there were ice cream cone cake pops which were so much fun to make! They were funfetti cake pops that were dipped in white chocolate on the teeniest cones. So cute! It was an extra sweet day for an extra sweet kid![...]

Valentine’s Day 2018

As a fun lil' project, I thought it would be sweet to have Ollie help me make cards to send to friends for Valentine's Day. His hand was inked and I made a print out of it (and a separate thumb one). After scanning it and adding my silly pun, we ended up with this lovely collaboration. Eat your heart out, Hallmark ;) Pom pom teddy bear was just a little last minute addition to the photoshoot. We made h[...]