Valentine’s Day 2018

As a fun lil’ project, I thought it would be sweet to have Ollie help me make cards to send to friends for Valentine’s Day. His hand was inked and I made a print out of it (and a separate thumb one). After scanning it and adding my silly pun, we ended up with this lovely collaboration. Eat your heart out, Hallmark 😉 Pom pom teddy bear was just a little last minute addition to the photoshoot. We made him too!


Bon voyage!PIN IT!

I’ll make any excuse to bake. These are sugar cookies, frosted with royal icing. So much fun to make!


I also made a batch of much smaller cookies for my son to decorate. Do you like the ant-hill candy mounds that sort of spill over the sides? Haha 🙂 Not included in this post are the images of the kitchen floor covered in a glittery sheen of nonpareils due to Ollie’s octopus arms. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!